Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest – A Case Study In Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that more than 66 percent of online adults are connected to one or more social media platforms?

The most dominant social networking sites, which naturally includes Facebook and Twitter, but also Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit (which should never be underestimated), have a collective audience of more than a billion active users, sucking up hours and hours of our time each and every month.

But who exactly is using these channels?

This new infographic from Online MBA takes a closer look at the demographics of your typical social media user, focusing on gender, age, education and household income, and how these differ between the social platforms. Additionally, and where available, usage statistics are also provided for each of the sites.

Key takeaways:

  • 36 percent of Twitter users tweet at least once per day, with an average visit time of 11:50 minutes
  • Pinterest is far and away the most female-friendly social site, with a 82 percent split in favour of women, compared to 59 and 57 percent for Twitter and Facebook respectively, and just 29 percent for Google+
  • As you would expect, LinkedIn users are the most highly-educated – some 50 percent have a Bachelor’s or Graduate Degree (or claim to at least) – compared to just 24 percent on Facebook and Twitter

While some of the numbers are more than a little off – Reddit had over 34 million unique visitors in December of last year, and Twitter’s 127 million active users, while approximately accurate based on my own calculations in January, isn’t official as far as I know – this is a well-prepared and informative visual.

(Source: Online MBA.)