Social Media Erupts With Outrage Over #FergusonDecision

The #FergusonDecision was announced Monday night and social media exploded with calls for justice, peace and images of protests across the country.

On August 9, 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Like many modern movements, social media became the engine for getting news about what was happening in the town. The country waited with bated breath for the grand jury decision regarding whether or not to indict the police officer.

Last night, the prosecuting attorney announced the grand jury decision not to charge officer Darren Wilson with murder. During his announcement, the prosecutor accused the media of muddying the facts, which social media called him out for.

Since the #FergusonDecision, social media has been flooded with outrage as well as news of protests all over the country.

Despite the call for peaceful protests from the family of the young man who was killed, the streets erupted. Early images showed protesters in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, New York and Oakland, Calif. stopping traffic.

There were also reports of people rioting and looting, but most of the social media images were of the police in riot gear.

In the aftermath of the grand jury #FergusonDecision, President Obama made a statement, lamenting the imbalance of justice and admonishing the media not to focus on reporting the violence:

Indeed, it is clear that people see this grand jury decision as a miscarriage of justice, and have even created memes using quotes from civil rights leaders including Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr.

The last time Ferguson came to social media prominence, there were complaints that it was not trending for certain users. This time, however, the news and discussion dominated users’ feeds.

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