Social Media For Social Good [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media has changed the business world in a big way, but it’s also had a significant impact on the social good and charity arena. Those undertaking grassroots campaigns to help others have found a friend in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, and this infographic explores just how charity campaigns have harnessed the power of social media.

This infographic was put together by the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s School of Government’s new online Masters in Public Administration program, and it explores several high profile social good campaigns to draw lessons for the future of giving.

The earthquake that hit Haiti, for instance, prompted a surge of digital support: 1.4 million people had viewed CNN’s iReport page (which allows users to post their own video and commentary) the day after the quake, and Facebook averaged 1500 or more mentions of “Haiti” for several days after. Social media was also used to direct aid to those in need, provide initial reports on the damage, and encourage fundraising.

The infographic also explores the holiday toy drive conducted on Twitter every year. In 2010, 2000 toys were donated and $7500 was raised for charity; in 2011, the number of toys donated more than doubled to 4200 and people donated $3000 to charity.

Take a look at the infographic below for more examples of using social media for social good:

(Hat tip: Business2Community; Infographic courtesy of MPA@UNC; Donate button image via Shutterstock)