Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – How Much Time Do We Spend On Social Media Sites? [INFOGRAPHIC]

While it’s certainly true that social media can be addictive, not all social networking sites are as ‘sticky’ as each other.

It probably won’t surprise you that Facebook is the stickiest social website of them all, with the users spending an average of 405 minutes on the site in January. This is well ahead of Tumblr and rising star Pinterest, which tie at 89 minutes each, with Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace rounding out the pack.

And the wooden spoon? That goes to Google+, which sees an average visit time of just 3 minutes per month from its users.

Compared to Facebook, Twitter registers a relatively slight 21 minutes per user per month, but remember that (as usual) these numbers only track visits to, and do not take into account mobile usage, as well as popular Twitter clients such as HootSuite, TweetDeck and others. With these factored in, Twitter’s monthly minutes would be a lot higher.

But the big story here is Google+, whose numbers are horrendous. Google CEO Larry Page recently claimed that 80 percent of Google+’s 90 million users log in weekly, so something here clearly does not add up. I wonder if Google is counting people who are logged into their Google accounts as Google+ logins, because if that’s the case I’m always logged into Google+, although I never use it. Nor does anyone I personally know. If so, that’s quite a cheat, as there’s a very big difference between being logged in and being active. No doubt we’ll see an official reaction from Google to these numbers in the weeks to come.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal.)

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