7 Social Media Myths (That You Probably Think Are True)

7 Social Media Myths (That You Probably Think Are True)

According to a recent study 83 percent of marketers are still confused about social media marketing, a situation not helped by the sheer amount of misinformation circulating around the web.

Here, for example, are 7 social media myths that you may well believe to be true.

1. The more hashtags the better (use more than two hashtags on Twitter and you can actually hurt engagement)

2. Vine is the best platform for social video (depends on where you’re sharing that video)

3. YouTube is mainly used by teenagers (just 10 percent of YouTube users are aged 13-17)

4. Facebook and Twitter drive the most website traffic (depends on what type of website)

5. Link posts drive engagement on Facebook (they do, but nowhere near as well as photos)

6. Tweets posted during the daytime hours get the most retweets (sharing when overall share volume is lower – i.e., late at night – can actually boost your retweets as there’s less competition)

7. Pinterest content has a short lifespan (50 percent of traffic from a pin occurs more than two months after it was originally posted)

Check the visual below for all the insights, which comes courtesy of Flightpath.

7 Social Media Myths (That You Probably Think Are True)

(Source: Flightpath.)

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