Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Place Tips | Super Bowl Commercials

Facebook takes on Yelp with Facebook Place Tips. DISH subscribers can skip Super Bowl and go right to the ads. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Facebook Just Launched A New Feature Designed To Kill Yelp (Business Insider)
Facebook has unveiled a new feature called “Place Tips,” and it’s aimed directly at location-based recommendation apps like Yelp. The premise behind Place Tips is fairly simple: When you’re near a store, restaurant or location that Facebook thinks you might like, a little pink notification will pop up on your News Feed. Click it, and you’ll be able to sift through cards that detail everything — from reviews to photos and posts — from your friends that have visited the location in the past. The Verge “News Feed today is a pretty good tool at connecting you to friends and news,” said product manager Mike LeBeau, “but if we’re Facebook and our job is to connect the world, what else do we want to connect you to?” The answer to that question is “the world around you,” and given the proliferation of Facebook use on mobile devices, it’s a logical move to make — and one that’ll help the company surface the massive amount of photos, tips and other data it has tied to specific locations and businesses. CNET Place Tips is optional, and will appear only if you’ve given Facebook permission to access your location. The company will start testing Place Tips in the New York City area, using cell networks, Wi-Fi and GPS to determine your location. The Next Web While Yelp certainly has dominance over business recommendations (in the U.S., at least), turning on the feature by default will certainly make users pay more attention to Facebook’s offering. Whether users actually keep it on, however, remains to be seen.

DISH Subscribers Can Skip Through the Super Bowl for the Ads (LostRemote)
Proving that all technology can be used for good and evil, DISH announced that it’s going to let subscribers use the “Reverse Autohop” feature for the Super Bowl. On Monday, DISH subscribers will be able to access the DVR’d Super Bowl and just skip through the game to the commercials so they’ll be able to keep up with the Twitter jokes, social shares and think pieces on the commercials.

Pro-ISIS Messages Create Dilemma for Social Media Companies (NPR/All Tech Considered)
According to law enforcement officials, ISIS and other terrorist organizations are increasingly adept at using social media to recruit from abroad. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter face complex criticism.

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Oh, Snap! Burger King Tweets a Little Snark About Outgoing McDonald’s CEO (Adweek)
One day after McDonald’s revealed that CEO Don Thompson was stepping down after a bad year for the fast-food chain, its chief competitor went there. Man, BK, wasn’t it bad enough for Thompson that Mickey D’s stock jumped after the announcement?

Fewer Than Half Trust Social Media for News, Says Study (SocialTimes)
More and more people are turning to social media to obtain their daily news fix, but fewer than half trust platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as a source of this news, reveals a new study. A November 2014 poll by Edelman found that just 48 percent of respondents trusted social media sites for news and information, compared to 64 percent who trust online search engines, which finished first in the survey.

Effortlessly Turn Any Video Into a GIF With Imgur’s New Feature, No Skill Required (New York Observer)
In the past, making a decent GIF took patience, Photoshop (or a similar program) and a minimum of 10 years of Tumblr experience. As of today, turning a video into a GIF is so simple; my Internet-less grandmother could do it.

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FTC Report Reveals Consumer Concerns About the Internet of Things (SocialTimes)
The Internet of Things is a nebulous buzzword that refers to anything that connects to the internet. In an attempt to better define the government’s approach to the Internet of Things the Federal Trade Commission has released a report [PDF], which examines the pros and cons of Internet of Things adoption for consumers.

Jack Dorsey Heaps Praise on Twitter Ahead of Critical Earnings Report (The Wall Street Journal/Digits)
Jack Dorsey hasn’t spoken much publicly about the business of Twitter since he left the company in 2012 and started up mobile-payments firm Square. But he decided to chime in at a critical time for Twitter, which is set to announce its quarterly earnings report card next week.

Uken Studios Unleashes Titans on iOS (SocialTimes)
Canadian developer Uken Studios has announced the launch of its newest mobile game, Titans, on iOS devices. The game takes players to a fantasy kingdom which has been destroyed by an evil army.

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