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Inside the Microsoft Windows 8 Launch [VIDEO] (Mashable)
After many months of development, previews and demonstrations, Microsoft finally pushed Windows 8 and Windows RT out the door and into the marketplace as part of a lengthy, bifurcated and relatively calm event in New York City. Company CEO Steve Ballmer and Windows lead Steven Sinofsky both took the stage to detail all that you already know about Microsoft’s radically re-imagined, touch-friendly operating system and to highlight Microsoft Surface RT and other devices and computers running Windows 8. Reuters Panos Panay, head of the Surface project, demonstrated the tablet’s features, beaming video and music to other screens, showing off the ultra-thin cover that doubles as a keyboard, and hooking up a camera to the device’s USB port. He even dropped the device on the floor to demonstrate its durability. The New York Times The company was to start selling Surface at midnight on Friday at about 60 Microsoft-operated stores in North America, a move that has annoyed retailers who will be deprived of a high-profile electronics device backed by a big marketing campaign. Prices start at $500. The Wall Street Journal/Digits There is little agreement in the publishing world on how to greet Microsoft’s arrival into the increasingly crowded field of tablets. Just two of the magazine publishers, Conde Nast and Bonnier, made apps out of their titles available through the Windows Store at launch, though a third, Meredith, launched apps of non-magazine content for the new operating system. CNET Apple CEO Tim Cook let loose on 7-inch tablets during a conference call with investors, insisting that the company would never build one. “We would not make a 7-inch tablet. We don’t think they’re good products,” he said.

Report: Facebook Ads in News Feed, Mobile Represent a ‘Win-Win-Win’ (AllFacebook)
The placement of ads in Facebook’s news feed has caused click-through rates to soar by more than 20 times, from 0.058 percent to more than 1 percent, according to an analysis of some 86 billion impressions between the third quarters of 2011 and 2012, from 459 clients in 113 countries by Spruce Media. Spruce Media added that the placement of Facebook ads on the mobile news feed has also been successful for advertisers on the social network, as they have led to not only higher CTRs, but 15 times higher cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) for Facebook. Mashable Some 35 million more people are playing games on Facebook now compared to a year ago, the social network has revealed. In September 2012, 251 million people played games on Facebook, up from 226 million in September of 2011. USA Today On Monday, current and former Facebook employees will be able to sell their shares for the first time. It will be the first time Wall Street gets to see how much Facebook employees “like” their company’s stock.

LinkedIn is Betting on Video Content to Boost Engagement in B2B Marketing (SocialTimes)
Professional networking site LinkedIn recently added self-serve video ads that connect to YouTube to give marketers a way to insert their videos into LinkedIn’s existing ad units. The videos show up in place of the standard 300 x 250 ad units and play for 30 seconds before giving viewers the option to click through to a website.

Pinterest Announces Website Verification, Much Like Twitter and Facebook Verified Accounts (The Next Web)
Pinterest Thursday announced it is launching website verification, which, as its name implies, lets you verify that you own the website listed on your Pinterest profile. The company says it is rolling out the features on the Web version of its site this week.

Teen Commits Suicide After Sending Final Haunting Tweet (The Daily Dot)
A Staten Island, N.Y., teen left one final message on Twitter before committing suicide, the Staten Island Advance reported. “I cant, im done, I give up,” she tweeted. Her final message was retweeted 317 times, and strangers sent her “rest in peace” messages.

Senate Approves Bills on Social Media, Employers (AP)
The New Jersey Senate has passed two bills aimed at preventing employers and colleges from seeking access to an employee’s or job applicant’s social media accounts. A bill aimed at colleges and universities passed unanimously and prohibits them from requiring a student or applicant to provide or disclose any username, password or other means for accessing a personal account through an electronic communications device.

The Secret Service Wants You to Alert Them to Suspicious Twitter Activity (AllTwitter)
Tweeting from @SecretService, the Secret Service has made it clear that anyone sending threats to those under their protection will be very closely scrutinized. Los Angeles Times reports that less than 24 hours after the third presidential debate, the Secret Service launched a new initiative: detecting threats via Twitter.

Super PAC Wants to Put You in its Facebook Ad (Mashable)
The Ending Spending Action Fund, a conservative-leaning Super PAC advocating for the reduction of the federal debt, wants to cast a new star for its latest Facebook video advertisement: you. Called “The Ad About You,” the ad is essentially a Facebook app that uses pictures you’ve posted to Facebook to customize an interactive video template.

Twitter Expands Expanded Tweets — So You Never Have to Leave (VentureBeat)
Twitter announced Thursday that it’s working with a dramatically expanded list of partners to provide Twitter users — er, customers — with more than 2,000 ways to engage directly with content, on web or mobile, through expanded tweets. Twitter touted some of its brand-new expanded tweets options such as the ability to view Amazon product descriptions, ratings and prices, along with the option to check out live statistics from CNN, preview songs hosted on SoundCloud or watch Fandago movie trailers.

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