Social Media Newsfeed: Slingshot 2.0 | #GivingTuesday

Facebook's Slingshot app now looks a lot like Snapchat's Stories feature. How much was raised on #GivingTuesday. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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SlingshotLogoFacebook’s Slingshot Hits 2.0, Now Emulates Snapchat’s Stories Feature Instead (The Next Web)
In Slingshot 2.0, you can follow friends (like on Twitter or Instagram), and when you share an image, it’s shared in a feed. Friends and followers can “react” to your images by posting an image of their own, which show up on a separate tab. TechCrunch If you pull down the camera, you’ll see a grid of shots from the last 24 hours by people you follow — a lot like Snapchat Stories. The difference is you can immediately see big visual previews of friends’ Slings rather than having to open them to reveal what they’ve been up to like on Snapchat. VentureBeat Further, the team has added a way for users to discover other users with interesting content and to follow them, in addition to the friends they add. Users can choose to manually approve follower requests and set notifications for only certain friends. WebProNews “We understand that improving a product isn’t only about what you add, but about what you remove, so we made a simpler, cleaner, more fun Slingshot,” the company says. Slingshot fell out of the top 1,000 apps in Apple’s App Store in July.

#GivingTuesday: $46M Raised, 800 Tweets Per Minute (SocialTimes)
Riding on the tails of Cyber Monday’s social appeal, the third annual#GivingTuesday was by all accounts a huge success this year. In the U.K., The Guardian reports that the British campaign hashtag #GivingTuesday reached over 180 million people worldwide after trending on Twitter for 11 hours.

Victoria’s Secret Shows There’s Something About Airplanes and Social Media (Adweek)
The strange combination of boredom and anxiety that comes with air travel just seems to lend itself to social video, as viewers sit in their homes or offices and click on often-humorous spots. Put two dozen Victoria’s Secret models 30,000 feet in the air in an Instagram clip — and watch out, folks.

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Cover Boy: Dec. 15 Issue of ‘Time’ Features Mark Zuckerberg on Connecting the World (AllFacebook)
The cover of the Dec. 15 issue of Time features a familiar face — that of Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the star of a long feature by Lev Grossman, the bulk of which is devoted to and Zuckerberg’s mission to connect the 4.3 billion or so people in the world who currently lack Internet access. Zuckerberg spoke with Grossman about the application, simulating the poor connectivity found in different regions of the globe to ensure that Facebook’s apps are accessible by everyone, his motives for wanting to connect the world, public health, Facebook Connectivity Lab and its drone projects, potential competitor Ello, and his reaction to recent comments by Apple CEO Tim Cook.

How Social Media Helps Young People with Cancer (U.S. News & World Report)
The exchange of information and stories – which are often empowering to tell – teaches patients coping strategies, and the anonymity and openness of the online world is perfect for people who need to vent, said Brad Love, an associate professor of communications at the University of Texas in Austin. Love studies the psycho-social outcomes of young adults with cancer and says that social media and efforts like those of Stupid Cancer are an opportunity for improvement, even as disease outcomes stagnate.

Yahoo Will Pass Twitter for Mobile Ad Revenue Share in 2015 (AllTwitter)
Already a distant third behind Google and Facebook, eMarketer expects Twitter to also fall behind Yahoo in 2015. Yahoo’s 3.18 percent share in 2014 is tipped to reach 3.74 percent next year, edging out Twitter for third place overall.

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Soon You’ll Be Able to Order and Pay for a Latte Before You Even Get to Starbucks (The Huffington Post)
First wireless charging stations, now mobile ordering? Yep, Starbucks is all about technology these days, and you’ll soon be able to place your coffee order by phone before you even arrive at a store.

The Social Media Woes of Police Departments (SocialTimes)
It makes sense that police departments are turning to social platforms where their communities are voicing displeasure. However, both the St. Louis County Police and the New York Police Department made social media gaffes in their reactions to recent events.

Dane Gets Four Years in Prison for Social Media Terror (The AP)
A Moroccan-born Dane was found guilty Thursday of instigating and promoting terrorism, this time on social media. Sam Mansour, 54, was sentenced to four years in prison at a Copenhagen court for violating Denmark’s terror laws.

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