Social Media Newsfeed: Tumblr Launches Ad Agency | Selfies Give Away iPad Thieves

Tumblr launches in-house ad agency. iPad thieves give themselves away in selfie bust. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Tumblr Launches In-House Ad Agency (SocialTimes)
Tumblr is joining the ranks with YouTube in using its social network to leverage creators and make them money, and maybe even Michelle Phan famous. Thursday it launched the Creatrs Network, an agency that will select Tumblr users that are onto something and help them connect with brands. Wired The new division, which Tumblr has been testing with a hand-selected cohort of artists, has been in development for a year. Already, brands like AT&T, Universal Pictures and Gap have worked with Tumblr artists to develop original content that can be featured on their Tumblr pages, as well as other platforms. TechCrunch Hundreds of artists will be able to get into the action with brands who are increasingly demanding awesome digital content for their campaigns. The Creatrs Network will eventually allow Tumblr artists to sign up and try to sell their art, with proper attribution and licensing, to a brand who will syndicate that content across multiple verticals, from T-shirts to OOH advertising to commercials for the Super Bowl. Fast Company Here’s how it works: A big brand like Axe approaches Tumblr and says it would like to buy a sponsored ad. Tumblr will then select from an initial pool of 300 people within its Creatrs Network to find that brand whatever kind of creative work they might be looking for: A GIF maker, maybe a high-fashion photographer, maybe a videographer. That content can then live on Tumblr as a sponsored post, as well as on parent company Yahoo’s various publishing properties. Business Insider A team of Tumblr employees will be dedicated to protecting artists’ legal rights, making sure their content is credited properly across the web and licensing their work so they can make more money and get more exposure for their creations. Tumblr isn’t splitting a percentage of advertising revenue with creators who work on the campaigns. Instead Tumblr says it lets each artist dictate a fair pay rate.

World’s Dumbest iPad Thieves Arrested After Celebratory Selfie Syncs to Victim’s iCloud (The Next Web)
If you’re going to go through the trouble of stealing an iPad, you should at least wipe the device before taking a selfie. Texas Police Thursday arrested the two miscreants, Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillian Thompson, after their celebratory selfie was automatically uploaded to the victim’s iCloud account.

Hulu Launches Super Bowl Ad Zone (LostRemote)
Hulu and Toyota have teamed up again to bring you the Super Bowl Ad Zone so you can binge watch teasers for this year and watch all those sappy Budweiser spots from last year’s game. Ads are categorized into categories like “Leaked Ads,” “Funny,” “Inspiring,” and then just a whole slew of Camry commercials if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Spotify Works to Touch Up Music Discovery (CNET)
You can’t judge a song by its cover art. That’s the thinking behind Spotify’s newest tweaks to its music-streaming app, which will allow users to preview songs and albums before clicking through to listen to them.

Snickers Dares America To Engage With its Ads (SocialTimes)
Snickers is double-dog-daring people to tweet about and share its Super Bowl ad teaser. Is it just me, or are things getting super-hyped super early this year?

Why This 14-Year-Old Liberian Ebola Survivor’s Reddit AMA is So Important (BetaBeat)
A 14-year-old Ebola survivor from remote Libera named Mohamed hosted a Reddit AMA where he bravely discussed the loss of several close family members and his own struggle to survive. To the many of us whose Ebola exposure has been no more than news articles, hazmat suit Halloween costumes and jokey Ebola T-shirts on Etsy, this Reddit AMA is an important reminder that the disease is continuing to take thousands of lives in West Africa.

[emailonly]{{{ sbox01 }}}[/emailonly] App Launches in Ghana (SocialTimes)
Ghana is now the fifth country to receive access to the app, Facebook announced Thursday. Airtel customers in Ghana will have access to the full host of services, similar to those in Colombia, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya.

France: Social Media Companies Must Help Stop Violence (Voice of America)
France appealed Thursday for U.N. member states to work together on an international legal framework that would make social network providers share responsibility for the use of their platforms to spread messages promoting violence. “There are hate videos, calls for death, propaganda that has not been responded to, and we need to respond,” Harlem Desir, French state secretary for European affairs, told reporters on the sidelines of a U.N. General Assembly meeting on the rising threat of anti-Semitism.

Twitter Launches Digits Mobile Phone Login for Web (SocialTimes)
Twitter has launched its Digits login for web, their new service that lets users sign in to third party apps with just their mobile phone number. Digits was first unveiled at Twitter’s first mobile developer conference, Flight, which took place last October in San Francisco.

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