Social Media Newsfeed: Twitter and Heart Disease | Twitter for Customer Service

Study links emotional state in tweets and health disease. A look at the five secrets to successful Twitter customer service accounts. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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Using Twitter To Track Down Heart Disease (The Huffington Post)
Why does one community have higher levels of heart disease than another? Measuring such things is tough, but newly published research reports telling indicators can be found in bursts of 140 characters or less. ars technica A study was released by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania that found a surprising correlation when studying two kinds of maps: those that mapped the county-level frequency of cardiac disease, and those that mapped the emotional state of an area’s Twitter posts. In all, researchers sifted through over 826 million tweets, made available by Twitter’s research-friendly “garden hose” server access, then narrowed those down to roughly 146 million tweets that had been posted with geolocation data from over 1,300 counties (each county needed to have at least 50,000 tweets to sift through to qualify. Digital Trends Locations where tweets expressing anger, stress and fatigue were more common also had higher numbers of deaths from heart problems. “Psychological states have long been thought to have an effect on coronary heart disease,” said Margaret Kern of the University of Melbourne, one of the report’s co-authors. Gizmodo The (rather surprising) result was that not only is Twitter a good means of predicting a county’s susceptability to heart disease, it actually beats out conventional methods, by a rate of 42 to 36 percent. But perhaps the more important finding? Don’t tweet angry, or you’ll die young.

Five Secrets of the Best Customer Service Twitter Accounts (SocialTimes)
Many companies are turning to Twitter to provide customer service – not surprising, given that over 50 percent of Twitter users engage with brands on Twitter, and this same number believes that this is the best platform to reach a brand. There are a handful of standout customer service accounts on Twitter that seem to have the secret formula for delighting their customers, and we’ve distilled their strategies down to five secrets for you to learn from.

Why President Obama Agreed to Be Interviewed by YouTubers (Adweek)
Three YouTubers were able to score the hardest interview in the U.S . —a no-holds-barred sit-down with President Barack Obama. Hank Green, GloZell Green and Bethany Mota interviewed the Commander in Chief, and their exchanges were streamed live.

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Twitter Quietly Kills its Website Analytics Tool, Pushing Site Owners to Use Cards (The Next Web)
Just over a year ago, Twitter launched a new analytics tool that allowed website owners to track links tweeted to their websites and how many users clicked on them. That tool was recently retired from the site without much fanfare.

Report: Facebook’s 4Q CTRs Soar Year-Over-Year (SocialTimes)
Facebook will hold its fourth-quarter and full-year-2014 earnings call Wednesday after market close, and digital marketing agency 3Q Digital examined year-over-year advertising trends for the period. 3Q Digital analyzed more than 1 billion impressions during the fourth quarter of 2014 and found that click-through rates rose 364 percent year-over-year, due to factors including more advanced creative testing and greater adoption of Facebook’s custom audiences ad-targeting options.

Your College May Be Banking on Your Facebook Likes (The New York Times)
EverTrue, which he founded in 2010, enables educational institutions to parse the social media activities of their graduates. The company’s social donor management program, for instance, can evaluate alumni interactions with a college’s Facebook pages to help distinguish those people likely to give to a capital campaign from those more interested in a specific athletic or academic cause.

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Is MySpace Making a Comeback? (SocialTimes)
According to The Wall Street Journal, MySpace might not be dead after all, and the social network is experiencing advertising growth every year. MySpace users generated 300 million video views in November 2014, placing the site 16th in comScore’s Video Metrix ranking system.

Teen Arrested After Alleged Facebook Emoji Threats (CNET)
A Brooklyn teen posts little emojis of guns pointing at little emojis of police officers. His lawyer says he didn’t actually intend to act out the implication.

10 Clever Snapchat Puns You’ll Want to Replay Over and Over (Mashable)
Some Snapchat creations are too funny to disappear into the ether. We salute the savvy souls who saved this selection from deletion. You can get inspired to create your own funny, punny Snapchats with our list.

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