Social Media Roundup: Reinforcing Content, Being a First Responder, Negative Postings and More

Every Friday I post links to a few of the blog posts that I read during the week that I found interesting and insightful.

Included in this week’s round-up is discussion about how to reinforce your social media content; best practice for responding to negative postings on social media sites; why atmosphere matters when building an online community; and blogging’s revival.




Are you reinforcing your social media content?

By reinforcing material cross-channel, I reach different crowds of people. Some items that are popular and retweeted like crazy on Twitter are totally ignored on LinkedIn and vice-versa.

Feedback On Initial Contribution

If you’re reading a post from a member with a ‘1’ post count, your response is a big deal. Your response needs to be quick. If a member had to wait a few days for a response, they’re gone. Your response has to be genuine. You have to response to what they say. You need to acknowledge the quality of the question and provoke further debate.

How to Use Sound Reputation Management to Respond to Negative Feedback

Dissect the comment. Who wrote it? How is it signed? Where was it placed online? In a blog post? On Facebook? On Twitter? Is it written in an educated, professional tone or in braying, vulgar, profane language? The comment is a window into the soul of your attacker. Use it. Would a third party take it seriously?

Atmosphere and Energy is the Difference Between a Great Community and a Feeble One

That’s what you want to try to replicate on your community. That excitement, that unique energy is one of the things that makes it unique. It starts with people, sharing good information and building relationships. People get excited about the discussion, about what others will say and about the replies and attention that their contribution will receive. It’s part anticipation and it drives people to return.

After Blogging Died It’s Booming Again…

According to the research the number of both blogs and blog readers has been steadily increasing over the past years and months, reaching 173 million blogs last October. Bottom line: if you are going to spend time publishing stuff online doing so on your own website/blog is still a much better option than using a third party platform like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.





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