How Does Your Social Media Use Define Your Travel Style? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does the way you use Twitter influence how you travel? The folks who put together this infographic think so!

Expedia Media Solutions created this infographic to show you how your tweeting shapes the type of traveler you are. They analysed nearly 40,000 trips and determined that there are eight categories of travelers.

For instance, you might be a techie aficionado. You take about four trips a year, and you prefer online reviews over friend recommendations when choosing your destination. You use a smartphone and possibly a tablet, and you’re active on – but not obsessed with – Twitter and Facebook. Or, you could be a steadfast pragmatist: someone who owns no smartphones or tablets, barely uses social media, and prefers to travel to the same place year after year.

To see what kind of traveler you are, use the flow chart at the top of the infographic. Start by answering the question of whether or not you’re a smartphone user, and continue through the chart until you reach the bottom – there’s your travel style!

Take the social media traveler quiz yourself by going through the infographic below (click to enlarge):

(Infographic courtesy of Expedia Media Solutions; Traveling businessman image via Shutterstock)