Social Media vs Search Marketing – How Do They Match Up? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As social media rapidly integrates itself into our everyday personal and business lives, it’s easy to forget that, while increasingly important, Twitter and Facebook aren’t everything, particularly when it comes to marketing.

Search, for example, is still of paramount importance to brands. For local business visibility, customers are far more likely to use search engines than they are social media. And while social media excels at brand awareness and consumer interactivity, search marketing has been shown to be more effective for lead generation.

So, we like social media, but we also like search marketing. But which is better? There’s only one way to find out.

This infographic from MDG Advertising looks at the pros and cons of social media and search marketing, concluding that marketers should double-team their efforts to maximize exposure and ROI.

(Source: MDG Advertising. Marketing image via Shutterstock.)