Somebody’s Watching You

We recently downloaded a new app from the iTunes store called Banjo. It’s called a “social discovery” app and is described as follows:

Banjo can take you global people watching to view and learn about people anywhere in the world. Search for people, updates and pictures with your shared interests so you don’t miss out.

A simpler explanation would be that it allows you to see where people you follow are hanging out. For example, if you are following someone on Twitter, and they “check in” at a location in your vicinity, you get an alert letting you know who is checking in where. Kind of like Grindr for straight people who aren’t looking for stranger sex. While we were originally drawn to the uniqueness of the idea, it was a little uncomfortable to get this message this morning.

It sort of comes off as a threat. “LOOK OUT! JAKE SHERMAN IS NEAR YOU!” Turns out, our office is just so close to the U.S. Capitol Building, every time Sherman checks in, we get an alert that could make a stalker’s day. Just think about that the next time you think about checking in somewhere like the U.S. Capitol.



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