Sortpad Launches Photo Organization App on iPhone

SortpadSortpad has announced the launch of its iPhone photo organization app, which allows users to manually (but quickly) sort their images using swipe controls. Instead of automatic photo sorting (like sorting photos based on location), users are given more control over the organization process, as they add photos into assigned folders, or send them to the trash if they’re no longer needed.

With Sortpad, users sign up with their Facebook account or email address, and are given two basic organization options: trash and favorites. A premium version of the app costs $2 a year, and unlocks access to sharing images with Dropbox, as well as support for up to eight zones/folders on screen at once.

A user’s images are presented in a vertical line, allowing users to scroll through them like a list, or tap and swipe them into the proper zone/folder, with folders lining the edge of the screen. If a picture is a duplicate or is no longer needed, users can swipe it into the trash folder. On the other hand, if a photo is particularly great, users can share it to the favorites folder for easier browsing later.

When tapping on a zone, users are shown all of the pictures currently in that folder for easy browsing. A settings menu allows users to create entirely new folders, or just swap the folders that are displayed on the sorting menu. For instance, if users come across a large group of holiday pictures, they can create an appropriate folder, fill it with the images, and then archive that folder within the app, bringing another to the organization screen.

It should be noted that no photos are duplicated when organized (unless the user wants them to be), so photo storage space isn’t wasted.

“With Sortpad we wanted to create something that really allowed people to connect emotionally with their photos. The only way to do this is to make people’s photos more accessible through organization. We estimate that Sortpad allows you to sort through about 1000 photos in 30 minutes. That’s a photo every 1.8 seconds,” said Tamas Laszlo, founder of Sortpad, in a statement. “The inbuilt photo sorting tools in iOS require a minimum of six steps to place a single photo into an album. It’s awkward, slow and so time consuming that people never get around to sorting their images. With Sortpad it is just one simple swipe.”

Sortpad is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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