South Korea or South Kansas?

President Barack Obama is in South Korea this week for a nuclear summit and much of the White House press pool is in tow. Naturally, many of the reporters are snapping pictures of their journey and tweeting them out for everyone to see.

Now, when you think of South Korea, you probably imagine it would look sort of exotic. Not unlike this:

But it doesn’t seem like these are the kinds of sights the press pool is being treated to.

Here’s a photo Politico‘s Jennifer Epstein tweeted yesterday. She said it was a closed gift shop near the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

Although a creepy Asian ghost face can be seen at the middle-right in the photo, this could easily be mistaken for any Korean store you might find in, say, Kansas.

Epstein also tweeted this photo, which she said is “the river right near the South Korean entrance to the DMZ area,” but if I told you it was actually a view of the Savannah River running through Georgia, you’d never know otherwise.

ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted this one, identifying the building as the North Korean Pavilion. “You can see a NoKo soldier if you look closely,” he said. Is that really a soldier or is it simply a UPS man dropping off a package at the Suitland, MD, gas utility office?

NBC’s Jim Long sent out this one. “Awaiting President Obama’s speech at Hankuk University in Seoul Korea,” he said. It actually looks a lot like my high school gym. And I didn’t go to school in Korea.

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