A Southern Living Farm-to-Coffee-Table Project

Magazine's latest Idea House applies modern twists to the classic Virginia farmhouse

The “News & Press” section of NYC interior designer Bunny Williams’ personal website has something of a magical rabbit hole quality. Scanning the array of magazine covers and clicking into the PDF articles reveals a world full of folks able to afford this superstar’s services.

Her webmaster will soon be adding an inordinate amount of coverage emanating from Virgina to the digital newsstand. The designer, who grew up in Charlottesville, has been tasked with dressing Southern Living’s 26th Idea House, set to open in late June at the “preservation development” Bundoran Farm and be featured in the magazine’s August issue. From a Richmond Times-Dispatch write-up by real estate reporter Carol Hazard:

The 4,500 square foot two-story Idea House is being built on a 21-acre lot edged by a woodlands and pasture, said Hunter McCardle, vice president of Natural Retreats, the developer of the house and community. The house is on the market for $2.395 million.

Bundoran Farm is a conservation-based community… Three tenant farmers work the land there — a cattle, horse and sheep farmer; an orchard grower; and the Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyard. Only 99 homes will be built in this community with 1,100 acres of pasture, 1,000 acres conserved as managed forest, 200 acres for orchards and 15 miles of trails

… “People love farms but not necessarily the hard work,” added McCardle , about farm life and those who buy into the community.

Ha ha. Ain’t that the kale-loving truth. Southern Living may also support this year’s Idea House with a companion source book.

[Image via: bundoranfarm.com]

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