Speculation: Will Microsoft’s ZuneHD Include an eBook Reader?

There’s a lot of interesting speculation about the rumored Microsoft ZuneHD which resembles an iPod touch with a large multi-touch touch screen. One speculation we have not seen about it so far, however, is whether or not it will be an ebook reader to compete with the Kindle or, at least, the Kindle iPhone app. Why would I think it might be an ebook reader if no one else does? A friend recently pointed out (tweeted) that the old Microsoft Reader, and ebook app nearly a decade old now seems to be in a revival phase. It’s product site…
Microsoft Reader
…received a major face-lift. And, its new ebook releases page shows books released this month (April 2009).
The Pocket PC Reader page still lists support only up to Pocket PC 2003 models. However, when I looked there a year or two ago, I didn’t see any information available for Reader for the Pocket PC.
Could it be that Microsoft is ready to re-enter the ebook game? And, will it do it in a big way with the ZuneHD? Well, this is just a wild guess on my part. But, stay tuned. It could get interesting if my guess is anywhere near correct.

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