Spin the Agencies of Record

[The K3, A pocket-sized wind farm for your mobile gadgets]

The account wins in this edition of Spin the Agencies of Record includes a shoe store chain, those blinky roadside lights telling you to stop speeding, an Italian culture festival, a World festival, and bright green gadget that harnesses green energy:

JA Jones lights up RadarSign, the company that makes those road-side speed warnings to keep your pedal off the metal

BCPM hoofs it for Aldo Shoes

JMPR revs up Concorso Italiano, a festival of all things Italian, especially cars

Hill & Knowlton flys the flag for Expo 2010 Shanghai

The McRae Agency shines the launch of the K3 from Kinesis Industries. The K3 is a solar charger for mobile devises with a tiny windmill on it too, for dual-green power.