Sports Community App Fancred Launches on Android

FancredSports-themed social media platform Fancred has officially launched on Android devices, giving a new set of users an outlet for sharing their favorite sports moments and interacting with a community of fans, with each team becoming its own hub of activity. With Fancred, users can follow their favorite teams or other users, commenting on news posts and activity within the app to increase their own “fancred” within the community.

Users start in Fancred by creating an account and choosing some of their favorite teams. From there, the app personalizes a news feed based on each followed team, allowing users to keep up-to-date with news surrounding specific players, teams or the overall sports they love. Users can search for additional teams and content, and interact with others even without following the users or teams in question, with a Facebook-style “likes” system in place for showing support. Users can also comment on posts to further a conversation.

In addition to news stories, Fancred users are encouraged to post their own content to the app, like check-ins at stadiums, their own photos and videos and more. Users can post funny GIFs as well, with activity in the app giving the user experience points towards their overall “Fancred Score.” This Fancred Score is a rating between one and 100, and helps users find influential community members to follow.

“Fancred was founded on the fundamental belief that deeply passionate communities are built around sports teams,” said Fancred’s CEO, Hossein Kash Razzaghi, in a company release. “The fans that make up those groups have incredibly unique memories, experiences, and one-of-a-kind moments that create a very special bond. Fancred has always been about giving fans a platform to capture and share those moments and we are excited to welcome Android users to our community so they too can have the same experience.”

Fancred is available to download for free on Google Play. The app was originally released on the iTunes App Store in 2013. The app is experiencing rapid growth, with its user base expanding by 50 percent month over month.