Founder Lands Berkeley J-School Gig founder David Cohn just landed a new gig as a full-time instructor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Cohn will be “conducting research on economic models of online journalism publications and help to develop business products for supporting hyperlocal news websites” as part of a grant from the Ford Foundation, according to the press release.

Cohn clarifies on his blog that this new venture does not mean the end of

Spot.Us has enough money in the bank to give us a runway of at least one year – possibly more (August was our first break-even month!). That includes salary for myself and our C.T.O. Erik Sundelof in addition to any money we would raise for reporters. In fact, Spot.Us is in PERFECT position to scale up and that’s exactly what we are working on. I will remain an active part of Spot.Us and in the coming weeks we should have some exciting news which will cement it as an ongoing business (elevated from a mere experiment) for at least another two years. So Spot.Us is doing business as usual right now and soon might be doing even more of it!

Cohn says the move will allow him to experiment with funding sources that simply aren’t allowed in the more conservative non-profit model .

Best of luck up there, sir!

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