Spotify Releases a Slew of New Music Apps

The digital music service is really taking off, with more than 10 million active users and over 3 million paying subscribers. This latest crop of apps enriches Spotify‘s music library with social playlists, games, history, and artist exclusives.

Many of the apps focus on social curation, drawing from your friends’ tastes and your own preferences to come up with a playlist everyone will enjoy.  In addition to matching a weekly supply of fresh playlists to music you already like, Digster lets you watch in full screen mode. Filtr pulls events and likes from all over Facebook to recommend music that matches your taste. If you want to know what’s hot right this second, TweetVine helps you tap into the zeitgeist by following the #NowPlaying hashtag to create a playlist in real time.

Speaking of hot, Hot or Not makes a game out of your music selection process by showing you a song and asking you to decide if it’s hot.  You’ll be graded on how well your answers match everyone else’s, but your taste-making skills will be rewarded with badges. (I just earned a pair of Hipster Glasses).

If you like to browse by label, a few of the record companies have launched their own apps.  Def Jam has a collection of hip-hop, rap, R&B, and pop music. Indie lovers can browse through 20 years of music, artist playlists, and custom catalog exclusives from Domino. The New York indie label Matador Records adds some urgency to the browsing experience with release dates and upcoming tours. For European flavor and a curated list of Indie music past and present, try [PIAS]‘s app. For a broader experience, try The Warner Sound, with artist-curated and genre-specific playlists from Warner Music Group. They also have an interesting feature called the family tree, where current artists are traced back to classic artists like The Doors and Aretha Franklin.

Some of the apps are more scholarly. The Complete Collection includes rich images, lyrics, and liner notes for a little music history lesson while you listen. The Legacy Of features some of history’s greatest artists with high resolution photos, curated playlists, handpicked albums, and biographies. If you like classical music, try Classify, where you can browse a nice little collection of classical music by composers, eras, moods, instruments or genres.

The apps are all free. To get them, log in to your Spotify account and choose “app finder” from the column on the left.


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