Spotify Update Brings Private Listening Mode

On Monday Spotify announced that their service is now freely available for anyone who wants to sign up, previously it was available only by invite. At that time Spotify also announced their participation with Facebook’s “frictionless sharing” were the songs you listen to automatically appear in your friend’s ticker and newsfeed without you needing to do anything. Several users did not like the idea and apparently Spotify has listen to them and has released an update with a private listening mode.

After the latest update installs Spotify users will find a Private Listening option in the File menu. If you don’t want the music that you are listening to be posted to Facebook click File, Private Listening. Be aware, however, that the next time you start Spotify Private Listening will not be enabled and your songs will again be shared in Facebook. Users who want to permanently disable sharing to Facebook need to click Edit, Preferences and then clear the checkbox labled “Get personal recommendations by sending music you play to your Facebook Timeline.”

I don’t know how long this will be, but right now the Spotify Android app does not have any sharing options and therefore the music you are listening to with it do not appear in Facebook. The lone sharing feature of the Spotify Android app is with and you have to specifically enable that feature in the app settings.

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