Spotify’s New Features May Convert ‘iPod DJs’ Into ‘Spotify DJs’

Ever set up your laptop with an iTunes playlist let it play in the background at a party? Now you’ve got another option. This week Spotify is rolling out gapless playback and crossfade features that will make the music-sharing service less like a jukebox and more like your own personal DJ.

Crossfading is an audio mixing technique that lets DJs transition smoothly between songs by fading one in while the other fades out. This is essential for dance music and will make Spotify a viable option for setting up a DIY dance party. To make this the default setting for your playlist, go the “Preferences” page and click “on.”  The crossfade can be customized to last between one and 12 seconds.

Spotify has also added gapless playback, which eliminates the dead time between songs. This makes it better for playing longer classical works without interruption between movements. It also works for making songs from a live recording sound like one continuous show.

Trance DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold is using the new features for his concept album, “Four Seasons – Winter (Mixed Version). (The concept being a seasonal compilation of the DJ’s live performances during his tour. Otherwise, I’d say Vivaldi beat him to it.) “Many of my own releases are mixed so I’m delighted to hear Spotify will now offer gapless playback and crossfade so my fans can experience the mixes on Spotify in the way they normally do in the clubs,” said Oakenfold in a statement.

You’ll have to download the new version to get it, but it’s part of the free subscription, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Added Gustav Söderström, the VP of products at Spotify, “Whether you’re listening to Wagner’s ‘Götterdämmerung’ or ‘The Wonders of the Deep’ by The Chemical Brothers, this latest update will make Spotify better than ever before. It’s time to get the party started.”







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