Springpad Friends Stuff (beta) Makes Finding What Facebook Friends Liked Easy and Fun

Springpad announced a new feature named Friends Stuff that will be rolling out in September for their online notebook service and mobile apps. The nice folks there activated the beta version of the Friends Stuff feature for my account to let me get an early look at this new social sharing aspect of the service.

Springpad Friends Stuff Automatically Collects Friends Likes & Check-ins in a Social Notebook

I tried it out an my iPad 2. Here’s what I found. Springpad Friends Stuff lets you connect your account to Facebook and (or) Twitter. Connecting to Facebook worked for me but the “Sign in to Twitter” option was grayed out (remember this is a beta release). Tapping the Friends Stuff notebook in Springpad let me see the prepopulated shares from Springpad itself as well as things my Facebook friends have “Liked.” Tapping the Facebook icon in Friends Stuff reveals a matrix of thumbnails representing music, movies, recipes, products, places, TV Shows, bookmarks and wines that Facebook friends have Liked. There is also the option to view this as a list.

Tapping one of the Types in the left sidebar shows just that category (e.g., Movies) that friends have liked. If more than one person has Liked the thing, this is noted too. The ability to browse through specific categories of things your friends like is a great feature. It let me, for example, look at all of the movies recommended by my friends. Tapping a specific item (a movie in my case) brought up more information. For movies, this includes a synopsys, Netflix availability, a cast list and links to watch its trailer (Apple Trailers), read a review on Rotten Tomatoes or buy it on Amazon. There’s also an Add this! button to place a copy of this information in my personal notebook. I can refer to the specific movies I added to my own notebook later as a reminder of what I want to watch next.

Items in each type present appropriate information for the category. Liked places, for example, provides quicklinks to Get Directions and Yelp reviews.

In the short time I’ve been playing with the new Friends Stuff feature, I’ve come to really appreciate its ability to sort out the literally thousands of items my Facebook friends have tagged with a Like. 552 music items, 523 movies, 220 places, 190 TV shows and more. It makes searching through things they have shared and recommended much easier and even a bit entertaining.”390″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-76682″ />

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