Square Enix Launches Mobius Final Fantasy on Mobile

The role-playing game takes players to the world of Palamecia, where they'll work to become the Warrior of Light that will save the world from darkness.

Square Enix announced the release of Mobius Final Fantasy on iOS and Android. The role-playing game takes players to the world of Palamecia, where they’ll work to become the Warrior of Light that will save the world from darkness.

In Mobius Final Fantasy, players complete level-based missions containing turn-based battles. These missions require stamina, or energy, to begin. During battle, players can tap to attack enemies, and they may collect elemental orbs as they damage their opponents. These orbs can be used during battles to trigger special abilities. Users can also toggle auto mode, which allows the game to attack and activate abilities automatically (as orbs are collected).

Gamers can add ability cards from their decks to their hands to customize the abilities they’ll have access to in each battle. After each battle, players and their cards receive experience points, and they will become stronger as they level up. Users can collect new cards as they complete battles, and they can fuse their extra ability cards into those they’d like to keep to make them stronger.

In addition to collecting ability cards, users can also collect job cards over time, each with different stats. Users can change their character’s current “job” in between battles.

While players will collect free cards as they progress through the game, they can also summon new cards instantly in the store using Summon Tickets or premium currency.

Finally, users can spend collectibles called Skillseeds to upgrade their heroes’ stats.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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