Star-Studded Ellen Selfie From the Oscars Was the Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

"Best selfie ever" and "Jennifer Lawrence fell" were two of the most-tweeted phrases during the Oscars.

ICYMI, the 86th Annual Oscars took place last night. You didn’t really have to watch to get the highlights. All you had to do was log onto Twitter to get all the Oscar news you ever wanted, including the Ellen selfie.

In fact, there were a bunch of selfies taken during the live show. But according to Twitter, with more than 1 million, Ellen’s star-studded selfie was the most retweeted tweet ever. This record-breaking tweet was mentioned in four of the top 15 tweets from the event, and resulted in “Samsung Galaxy Note” becoming one of the top 10 phrases about advertisers, according to data from social analytics firm Poptip.

Jennifer Lawrence also generated a lot of chatter. Before she hit the red carpet, she made a stop at Mickey D’s and the phrase “Jennifer Lawrence was spotted at a McDonald’s driveway on her way to the Oscars” was the second most-tweeted phrase of the night. When she arrived, Lawrence fell on the red carpet, which resulted “Jennifer Lawrence fell” becoming the top-tweeted phrase during the red carpet and one of the top phrases of the night, according to Poptip.

Of course, “best photo ever” and “if only Bradley’s arm was longer” were the top two phrases of the night, both of which were in Ellen’s record breaking selfie. Indeed, Ellen and Bradley’s arm were the stars of the night as far as social media was concerned.

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