Star Wars: Commander Receives ‘The Sickness’ Campaign for Halloween

Star Wars Commander HalloweenDisney Interactive has announced the launch of a Halloween content update for its Star Wars: Commander on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The content update is known as “The Sickness,” and it sees players forced into battle against an army of undead Death Troopers, after an outbreak occurs at a secret Imperial research facility. The player’s allegiance to Rebel or Empire forces is secondary in this update, as all players are challenged to figure out a way to keep the undead from spreading across the galaxy.

This update introduces a variety of new units to the game, including those Death Troopers. They’re units infected by Imperial bioweapons, who died a painful death and now remain as “nearly mindless” cannibals, equipped with blasters. Another undead unit is the Scout Death Trooper, which can move quickly across the battlefield to attack resource buildings.

Finally, Heavy Death Troopers are the actual product of the virus known as “The Sickness.” While the infection has slowed their movement speed, they’ve been given increased defenses to be able to withstand more damage before falling. These Heavy Death Troopers are available to both Rebel and Empire players.

Two additional vehicle units are also available: the Rebel Starship Strike: HWK-290, and the Empire Starship Strike: VT-49 Decimator. Both units (technically a freighter and raiding vessel, respectively) are equipped with incendiary bombs with moderate blast radiuses. Disney says this makes them particularly effective against enemy infantry units.

This “The Sickness” campaign will only be available for a limited time. Star Wars: Commander is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. The game was downloaded more than five million times within the first month of its August 2014 release.