Starbucks’ Off-Menu Rainbow-Colored Drinks Are Lighting Up Instagram

#Pinkdrink is leading the craze

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Colorful, off-menu drinks at Starbucks have taken over Instagram. About a month ago, pictures of a beverage called a "pink drink" that's made with acai tea and coconut milk started popping up on the app, followed by purple, blue, green and orange varieties.

Just like how under-the-radar menus from Chipotle and Panera have become Internet obsessions  with dedicated websites in recent years, Starbucks' bright juices have spread across Instagram and Twitter in recent weeks.

So, Adweek asked social analytics company Spredfast to crunch Instagram data on the hashtags associated with the drinks.

Between May 10 and June 26, users have tagged 14,134 Instagram posts with #pinkdrink. Another 1,851 included #purpledrink and 1,670 were captioned with the #greendrink hashtag. And #orangedrink and #bluedrink were used 601 times. All five hashtags generated 17,779 posts.

While #greendrink and #pinkdrink are also used to tag posts with smoothies, Spredfast said the chatter has primarily focused on Starbucks over the past month. Posts about the pink drink have consistently grown since May, but specifically spiked the week of June 5, and the orange drink started generating buzz after June 20.

In terms of engagement, #pinkdrink has racked up 49,128 comments out of the 57,632 comments that all five hashtags generated. The rainbow-colored drinks have also accumulated 1.3 million likes, 1.1 million of which came from #pinkdrink and 148,000 came from #purpledrink.

According to Spredfast, New Yorkers are posting the most content, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Anaheim, Calif. and San Antonio, TX.

Meanwhile Starbucks' own marketing teams seem to have been a bit slow to pick up on the trend, although the brand did post one photo of the drink to its Instagram account two weeks ago that has 320,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments.

@laurenjohnson Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering mobile, social platforms and emerging tech.
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