Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite Launches on Android

Stick Squad 2Brutal Studio has announced the release of its latest game on Android devices. Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite is the sequel to the original Stick Squad, and challenges players to complete 20 new sniping missions and 60 shooting objectives as they follow the story of two anti-heroes. The game’s storyline picks up where the original Stick Squad left off, with players being introduced to “The Voice,” an enemy who wants to terrorize the world.

In Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite, players complete missions by shooting at stick figures on the screen. When sniping, players slide their finger around the screen to aim, and tap a button to shoot. Players also have access to handguns and assault rifles, depending on the mission. Each mission has three different objectives, and each objective has three levels of difficulty.Stick Squad 2Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their accuracy and speed of completion. Users also receive cash at the end of each mission, which can be spent on new and better weapons, or upgrades for existing weapons. A sniper rifle can be upgraded with a better scope, for instance.

Gamers can earn more coins by sharing their progress and achievements to social media, or by challenging themselves in the shooting range. Coins are also available to purchase with real money, as is an ad removal upgrade.

Stick Squad 2: Shooting Elite is available to download for free on Google Play. The game is expected to release on iOS devices in January 2015.