STIGOL, Chillingo Launch Find the Line on iOS

Find the LineGames publisher Chillingo has announced the launch of STIGOL’s Find the Line on iOS devices. The line-drawing puzzle game contains over 200 levels, each challenging players to drag sliders to move lines into position to create complete images. By moving the slider left and right, existing lines transform and change shape, and it’s up to players to stop the slider when the lines appear to be in their proper final locations.

In each level, players are challenged to draw items in one of 10 themes, from animals and toys to architecture and more. Many shapes are comprised of more than one line, so players may need to swap control back and forth between lines to determine the final shape they’re trying to create.

Adding additional challenge is a system of stars and keys. A star is available on every level, while a key is only available in some levels. In these cases, players may need to temporarily ignore the final shape and instead manipulate multiple lines to fit the outlines of these stars and keys (first observing their location in the lines), and then further manipulate the lines to form the level’s required shape. These keys are required to unlock additional levels at the main menu, and players can replay stages to collect the item(s) they’ve missed.

Players have access to hints if they get stuck. One provides the text name of the final image they’re looking to “draw,” while the other moves a chosen line into its proper position. The latter hint is especially helpful as players progress, as lines may appear to form multiple objects, depending on how far the dial is spun, but users must determine which of these is the actual required item to create.

Finally, players can toggle on expert mode, which removes the visual slider dial from the bottom of the screen, but otherwise doesn’t change the overall flow of gameplay.

Find the Line is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is supported by ads, and via the purchase of hint and key packs.

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