A Simple Strategy For Tweeting Your Blog Posts

So you’ve written a spectacular blog post and you’re ready to share it to the world. You load up all of your social profile and get ready to tweet, update and otherwise alert your social connections to your can’t-miss brilliance.

But don’t hit “tweet” just yet. Take a minute to read this strategy for promoting your blog posts on Twitter to ensure you get the maximum exposure without spamming your followers.

It can be tempting to want to share, share, and share some more once you’ve polished off a great blog post. You’ve done meticulous research, crafted a compelling story and the world deserves to read it, after all!

But if you tweet your post indiscriminately, your Twitter followers will either a) get annoyed or b) miss your tweets. You’ve got to find a balance between over-promotion and not sharing at all.

Here are four simple steps you can take to create your own blog post Twitter promotion strategy.

1. Find the best times to tweet

Your blog post may be brilliant, but if no one sees your tweets promoting it, they won’t read it.

Consider using a service like Timely.is or Buffer to discover the best time of day for your tweets to go live. These services look at your latest tweets and determine which ones got the best engagement, recommending that you post during these times as opposed to times where your tweets were ignored.

Understanding when to tweet can help you not only promote your blog posts, but get better engagement on all of your future tweets, too.

2. Create compelling headlines

Once you’ve figured out when to tweet, write several tweets about your blog post that you will schedule in the next step.

When writing these tweets, try to make them fresh, interesting and accurate. Fresh content is original wording, which will ensure your tweets aren’t seen as spammy or repetitive. Interesting headlines will ensure that people actually click over to your blog post, and making sure your tweets accurately reflect the content of that post will ensure that they stick around to read it.

Create 5 to 10 unique headlines that you can tweet with the link to your blog post.

3. Schedule your tweets

Since you’re doing a bit of self-promotion by tweeting about your blog post, you’ll want to schedule these tweets in between other, non-self-promotional tweets. Intersperse them in between other people’s articles you share, your thoughts, retweets and multimedia.

Using the information gathered in the first step, select 5 to 10 timeslots that are spaced out by at least 24-48 hours for you to send your blog promotion tweets. The two major exceptions to this 24-48 hour rule is if you have audiences in different timezones who might appreciate an overnight tweet, and sending two tweets (spaced out by a few hours and featuring unique wording) on the day the blog post goes live.

4. Listen and engage

No Twitter strategy is complete without a listening component. Pay attention to the feedback you get from your followers after tweeting about your blog post. If they comment on your article, retweet them or offer your response. If they complain about you being too self-promotional, take a step back and reconsider how frequently you’re promoting the post. Respond to any and all feedback, and your followers will thank you.

This is just one possibly strategy for promoting a blog post on Twitter. What’s yours?

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