Study: Audience Network has higher conversion rates than News Feed, display ads

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How effective is Facebook’s Audience Network? A new study by Fiksu looked at the Audience Network performance of eight of its clients, finding that Audience Network ads outperformed News Feed and display in key areas such as average revenue per user and conversion rate.

While News Feed ads brought the highest percentage of returning users (65.16 percent), Audience Network was stronger than display at 58.55 percent. Fiksu also found that the cost per purchasing user for the Audience Network was roughly a fifth of display.

Fiksu’s study suggested a combination of News Feed and Audience Network ads for best success:

As a result of this data and our experience running thousands of campaigns across dozens of apps, we’ve developed a recommended sequence of steps to take to optimize your Facebook app marketing campaigns:

  • Start with Lookalike Audiences on Facebook News Feed
  • Tweak based on results (if need be) and add Lookalike Audiences on Facebook’s Audience Network
  • Avoid saturation and continue momentum by adding interest targeting on Facebook News Feed
  • Based on those results, add interest targeting to Facebook’s Audience Network

An extension of Facebook’s successful mobile app ads, Facebook’s Audience Network has proven to be an excellent source in acquiring loyal, high-value users for the majority of apps. Still, every app  is unique. So, make sure to track your long-term loyalty results—before and after adding Audience Network traffic to your Facebook campaigns—to ensure efficient results.

Here’s a look at the overall results Fiksu found:

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Facebook Product Manager Sriram Krishnan discussed the power of Audience Network:

The Facebook Audience Network provides value to marketers well beyond the app install. It was most interesting to see the conversion and LTV results come through so favorably in their research, further validating that the targeting power of the network was in line with News Feed and far better than display networks.

Readers: Have you had experience with Audience Network? How are those ads performing?

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