Study: Facebook ad conversions spiked weekend before Black Friday


Many Facebook advertisers started sequencing their content well before Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and it appears to have paid off. Facebook Marketing Partner Marin Software noticed that there was a curious spike in conversions from Facebook ads (as well as cost per click) around Nov. 21.

Oddly enough, the clickthrough rate of Marin’s clients’ ads dove around that time, before continuing its ascent on Thanksgiving.

Marin Software Senior Manager of Global Communications Greg Kunkel talked with Inside Facebook about this odd spike. He said that last year, Marin Software noticed an uptick in key performance indicators two weeks or so before Thanksgiving. They wanted to see if this year held a similar trend.


Marin compared the results with search advertising, finding that the conversions from Google ads (especially on desktop and tablets) dipped a few days before Thanksgiving jumping back up.

Kunkel talked about how sequencing Facebook ads earlier may have led to the jump in conversions the weekend before Thanksgiving:

I think, essentially, there’s peaks and valleys all the time. When it comes to Facebook, and something we saw in our data last year when we found spikes two weeks before Thanksgiving, it really seems to be that there’s action on Facebook prior to Black Friday, which advertisers should take advantage. My speculation on that is that basically, with Facebook in particular, they’re on there and interacting prior to the holiday, and they’re using it more for research or to get ideas for gifts.

Here’s a look at the clickthrough rate throughout November, showing the odd dip around the same time conversions rose:

unnamed-1Readers: Did you notice any odd conversion or CTR stats last weekend?