STUDY: Tech Employees Make for Poor Brand Advocates

Lots of work to be done on this front


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Everything’s been Super Bowl XLIX this week, and a Gallup poll released today found that, when creating their Big Game strategies and trying to raise awareness, brands often neglect an important element: their own employees.

The main conclusion of the survey is something people in PR know well: advertising and paid media don’t inspire brand advocates, because this sort of devotion to a company only comes from interactions with that company as represented by its employees.

The problem is that most employees are nowhere close to “brand advocate” status — even in the world’s hottest industries. From the survey:

  • Only 42 percent of employees overall say “I know what my organization stands for and what makes us different from competitors
  • The tech industry scores lowest on this question at 39 percent

What about the whole “telling the world how awesome my own employer is” deal?

  • Only 33 percent of employees surveyed say they recommend their own company’s products to others
  • Again, the tech industry scores lowest in this category at a measly 24 percent

Finally, when it comes to confidence in one’s own employer:

  • A pathetic 27 percent of participants agree that their companies “always deliver on what we promise to customers
  • This is the only question on which tech companies did not finish last. That dubious honor is reserved for businesses in the healthcare field

Why is this survey relevant? As Digiday reminded us this morning, clients could buy a whole lot of things for the price of a single Super Bowl ad…and everyone in PR knows that a truly engaged team is more valuable, over time, than any one paid placement — no matter how big.

This survey reveals that many clients have A LOT of work to do on that front…especially in the tech field.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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