Super Bowl Ad Frenzy Overshadowing the Game?

It’s only Tuesday, but the buzz surrounding the Super Bowl ads is hitting fever pitch. Where to begin?

First, we’ve got more teasers and pre-releases. Mashable has a rundown of the most shared as of yesterday afternoon. But since then, we’ve already added a teaser from Hulu, starring Will Arnett (note the #mushymush hashtag) and the latest Acura ad, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. The hashtag for that one is #JerryNSX. Brands have learned that they have to take digital initiative to get the most bang for their many, many bucks if they want to get their own version of “The Force.”

One of the most shared is the Ferris Bueller-infused Honda ad, which is creating a lot of nostalgic hoopla for Matthew Broderick. The star says he gave the commercial a good long think before saying yes. Now that the clip has gone viral, he says, “I guess I’m part of a virus.” Bueller!

And now we have word that NBC is expanding its coverage of the Super Bowl with a post-game Google+ Hangout… focused on the ads.

And what about the thing with all the men in tight pants skipping around in Indianapolis. You know, the actual football game. Well, today was media day and there was a football player with a Kid ‘n Play flat top, Ciara, a guy in a super hero outfit, and the Cuban flag. We’re pretty sure something on here will give you some info about the Patriots and the Giants.

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