Super Bowl Wednesday? 5 Brands Still Buying Twitter Ads

Big-game campaigns piggyback college football's National Signing Day

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Super Bowl XLVII might be 60-some hours into the books, but brands are still pushing their big-game-based initiatives via Twitter ads today.

Marketers for Super Bowl advertiser MiO have purchased the $120,000 Promoted Trend ad slot on the Twitter homepage's left-hand side, extending the brand's "ChangeStuff" campaign. And Tide, KIA Sports, GoPro and Adobe's Marketing Cloud are running Promoted Tweets—with left-over copy from the big game—for the hashtag "#NSD," which has been a trending topic throughout Wednesday due to scores of tweet chatter around college football's National Signing Day.

The Promoted Tweet examples underscore how brands have increasingly jumped on big news in real-time by bidding on Twitter hashtag terms—in a process that's much like how Google AdWords works. During the Super Bowl, Oreo made the biggest social media marketing splash of the night by running a Promoted Tweet combined with a clever Vine video around the Superdome blackout.

Check out today's Twitter ads:

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