Super Rewards: A New Way To Monetize Mobile Games

According to Jason Bailey, CEO of Super Rewards, mobile and online game publishers have three choices when it comes to making money: charge for it, “slap ads on it and give it away” or use the Super Rewards virtual currency platform and earn up to 100 times more than with just simple ads.

Super Rewards is now available for just about any online game or application and for iPhone applications, offers content publishers an ongoing revenue stream for their social network apps, virtual worlds or games, from casual to MMORPG.

Publishers embed the Super Rewards platform into their games using the company’s SDK. From there, they can reward users with in-game points, virtual goods or virtual cash for completing a survey, signing up for an advertiser’s service, paying by credit card or whatever other type of opt-in scheme they want to employ.

When Loot Wars, a collection and fighting game for the iPhone, first went up on the App Store, game publisher Golgi charged a few dollars for it. Gogli changed its strategy and began offering it for free, subsidized by ads using the Super Rewards platform. According to Loot Wars developer Aaron Abeyta, within the first month of using Super Rewards, “we’ve had 10 times the daily downloads and our revenues from Loot Wars have almost doubled.”

Although the only mobile platform currently supported by Super Rewards is the iPhone, the company is working on Android and Symbian versions of the SDK, Bailey said.

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