Super Rewards Expanding More Broadly Across the Social Web

Vancouver-based Super Rewards, historically known for being pretty tight-lipped, yesterday announced that its virtual currency platform is now available for games and applications across the social web. To date, Super Rewards has been working closely with several top Facebook and MySpace game developers, helping app developers monetize through virtual currency. Now, the company says it is noticing increased interest in virtual currency monetization from a broader array of online gaming, virtual worlds, and social web companies.

“There are basically three ways to make money from a game,” says Jason Bailey, CEO and co-founder of Super Rewards. “You can sell it, which works for only a small percentage of games. You can slap ads on it and give it away for free, which works but delivers extremely low revenue per user. Or you can cut-and-paste our virtual currency monetization platform into your game and obtain performance metrics ranging from 10 to 100 times higher than simple ads.”

Super Rewards and other virtual currency monetization platforms like Offerpal Media, SocialGold, Peanut Labs Media, Gambit, and SocialCash are growing quickly to meet the increasing demand for their services both from developers hoping to monetize their apps and agames better and advertisers hoping to get more cost effective leads. Social games, virtual worlds, and casual MMO’s are proving effective at creating demand for virtual currency transactions, which are an increasing source of revenue for many publishers.

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