One-Third of Americans Admit to Doing Something Just to Be Able to Talk About It on Social Media

In a survey, one-third of Americans admitted to doing something for the sole purpose of talking about it on social media.

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Ford recently conducted a survey about Americans’ sense of adventure in order to commemorate the Mustang’s 50 years. Megan Garber of at The Atlantic uncovered this tidbit from the survey:

When Ford asked its survey participants, “Have you ever, even once, done something just so you could post about it on social media?” 16 percent of them replied, “yes, more than once.” And 13 percent of them replied, “yes, once.” Which means that nearly a third of Ford’s respondents have done something simply to write or tweet or post or talk about it online.

It’s very possible that more people have done this, but did not admit to doing so.

We’re conflicted about this. On the one hand, it is unsettling that people would do things for the sole purpose of sharing them on social media. Narcissism, anyone? (Look at me! Look at this cool thing I did this weekend!)

On the other hand, if social media is prompting people to get out of their desks and do something adventurous, all the more power to them (even if they can’t stop with the selfies).

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