Survey Points to Job Opportunities Getting Stale Based on Days of Availability

If you’re on a job interview, word to the wise: You may want to find out how long the job opportunity has been available and why.

Those two little questions may provide an insightful look into the organization. Remember, you’re interviewing the employer just as much as they’re interviewing you.

For instance, a post on ERE points out the average job opening is available for about 72 days before it starts looking putrid to a job seeker.

According to a recent survey, Randstad asked 2,000 respondents how many working days does a vacancy for a permanent job need to be open before it starts looking stale? (And by stale we mean like an old job nobody wants.)

The contrary holds, too as well. If a job is barely open and gets filled pretty quickly, then according to people who consult and conduct searches for Randstad, it looks like recruiters didn’t do a thorough job filling.

The optimum time according to results reflects 35 days.

And how about the reason why it’s open? An expanding department usually bodes well for job seekers as a sign of growth.

A company may not necessarily be forthright if someone was let go or if job sharers responsibilities were broken out but it’s also a good sign if the person vacating the position got promoted and moved upward within the organization.

And from a recruiting perspective, hiring managers need to know the aging job requisition won’t look favorably in the eye of the candidate so it’s in their best interest to make a hiring decision swiftly after seeing viable candidates.

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