Survey Shows Top Culprits of Cyber Monday at Work: Upper Management

online shoppingIf you trolled some sites yesterday during office hours looking for bargains, you’re not alone.

In fact, as per a new CareerBuilder survey, senior level employees are the biggest shoppers of Cyber Monday deals at work.

They’re more likely to use work hours to shop online than entry level or professional staff members by seven percentage points. That equates to 53 percent compared to 46 percent, respectively. Get this — within upper management, 10 percent actually admitted they planned to spend more than three hours or more of work time yesterday shopping for bargains.

We should point out a change from last year’s numbers. In 2013, 54 percent of workers in the survey revealed they were going to spend some work time to play Santa but this year the number dropped to 47 percent. Within the 47 percent, the majority indicated they were going to spend less than one hour looking for online bargains.

We should point out approximately one-third planned to spend between one and three hours online and six percent planned to spend between three and five hours whereas another six percent planned to spend more than five hours online!

Here’s the thing: many employers are lenient when it comes to doing holiday shopping at work especially if it’s done during your lunch time. If it’s not interfering with productivity and customer service and as long as you’re complying with the company’s online guidelines, chances are you surfed online yesterday and lived to tell today.

We should point out one in four managers indicated in the survey they actually fired employees for non-work related activities online.

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