Susan Glasser on POLITICO’s Future with USA Today’s Rem Rieder

Less than a month after being named editor of POLITICO, Susan Glasser sat down with USA Today’s Rem Rieder to discuss what’s next for the Rosslyn-based political news outlet under Glasser’s reign.

“There’s tons of coverage, but it’s sliced and diced ever thinner,” Glasser told Rieder of the current media landscape. “You’ve got to come back with big, ambitious storytelling.” She went on to explain that, “Indispensability and original reporting are the engines that will fuel growth. It’s important to emphasize original reporting and insight and analysis no one else is doing.”

Rieder writes of Glasser, who joined POLITICO in late 2013 as editor of POLITICO Magazine for its launch after careers as editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy and with The Washington Post:

“She calls herself a ‘proselytizer’ for ambitious reportage and a ‘big believer’ in accountability or watchdog journalism. When we met, she was polishing a piece for the next issue of Politico Magazine, a 10,000-word blockbuster she called the biggest investigative piece Politico has run.”

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