T Magazine Site Chooses Style Over Substance

The new T Magazine site launched today over at the World’s Greatest Building Which Is Also a Newspaper. The opening animation by Jennifer Steinkamp and Gail Swanlund got us all giddy and pumped, but when it came to the homepage, we were a little bummed. Okay, then we saw a supershiny Natalie Portman front and center and got excited again, but only for a second.

The fact that the articles are formatted like print magazine pages, with the text broken down into multiple Flash-y pages, is absolutely ridiculous. May we present Alice Rawsthorn‘s latest piece, which you have to click through three times to read. Actually we don’t know if it’s her latest piece because we have no real idea when any of the pieces were published; dates apparently don’t matter in this world of T. For some of the more visual stuff, like the product roundups, it works, so you can see lots of images and click for more information. A photo-driven profile of Julian Schnabel also uses its web-ability to its advantage, but it’s soooo hard to read.

Overall, the whole thing, while sleek and gorgeous and likely able to support lots and lots of big ads, is frustrating to us who were really looking forward to having all the Style content together in one place. The fact of the matter is now it’s more fragmented than ever. Luckily, the best thing about it is the blog, The Moment, where we can read at more than five sentences at once without getting dizzy or having to reach for the mouse. We’ll stay over there for now.

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