Taking Out The Trash, 07.31.06

  • An update to an earlier post: Sue Davis, who’s leaving CongressDaily, will take over Ben Pershing’s position at Roll Call. Pershing will become an editor for the newspaper.

  • Susan Phillips, longtime editor of Connect for Kids, an online
    publication that covers youth issues, has left the position to go on a multi-year African safari with her family. The organization is looking to fill her position soon.

  • George Archibald writes in to let us know the status of his Times expose (see The Nation’s and Robert Redding, Jr.’s updates here): “I have a couple of publishers vying but no firm deal yet. My hope is to have it in bookstores shortly after the new year before the State of the Union.”

  • CNN to boost citizen journalism initiative.”

  • The big story for newspapers is online.”

  • Nicholas Lemann on the relevance of citizen journalism.

  • Lights going out on aging White House press room.” (Farewell party on Wednesday)

  • News from DCRTV:

      JFK Salesman To WaPo Radio – 7/31 – An ad sales biggie jumps from CBS’s WJFK-FM. DCRTV hears Tim McWilliams exits 106.7 after 10 years to join Bonneville’s Washington Post Radio, WTWP. He is considered a “direct business machine” and was very successful at WJFK selling for the Redskins and its “shock jock” talk radio programming…..

      Fox 5 Launches “Edge” – 7/31 – Channel 5/WTTG unveils its “The Edge” 11 PM newscast tonight, as part of a two-hour news and information block that starts with its top-rated 10 PM newscast and ends with a half hour of Geraldo Rivera’s tabloid show at 11:30 PM. Brian Bolter, who co-anchors the 10 PM ‘cast, will solo anchor and be chairless during the 11 PM show. “We’re blowing out the old model of the newscast that viewers have become accustomed to,” he tells John Maynard in the DC Post. Fox 5 News Director Katherine Green says viewers shouldn’t expect to see the same lead story at 11 PM that they might have watched an hour earlier. “The weather is the number one reason people watch news,” Green adds, so “The Edge” will usually lead with the next day’s weather report….

      Vance Reaches Deal With 4 – 7/28 – DCRTV hears that Jim Vance (left), Channel 4/WRC’s longtime news anchor, will be staying right where he is. We’re told that Vance has reached a new three-year deal to remain the big dog on the NBC station’s top-rated “News 4.” No word on the money numbers. There were rumblings a few months ago that Vance, who’s been at WRC more than three decades, and NBC weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a new contract…..

  • TVNewser has broken down the Pew report better than we ever could.

  • “Nets May Not Have to Blur Bleepers.”

  • US News & World Report’s Joe Ciardiello draws real good pictures of Wolf Blitzer on a treadmill.

  • Warning: Impersonating journalists can be hazardous to your health. A person associated with the Center for American Progress was shown the door today when he tried to enter a meeting sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation. An informant says that the individual was impersonating a member of the press. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings is expected to brief the group later this week, but members of the press are not invited.

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