Long Island Teen Banking $15,000 a Month from Instagram

Observes his mom Elizabeth, a former model: It's so much easier to become famous now

In Hollywood, some high school age students make major sideline money through commercials and recurring TV work. In Long Island, it’s a different but equally lucrative mix for 16-year-old Tanner Zagarino.

Those who follow Instagram influencers are likely already in the know about Zagarino. For the rest of us, here’s the skinny from Macworld associate editor Caitlin McGarry:

His Instagram photos have attracted 439,000 fans. His tweets have drawn more than 93,000 followers. Judging from the comments on his posts, most of his fans are teen and tween girls. Advertisers consider him an “influencer,” a guy who can get people to buy stuff. Zagarino already has a fashion blog and is establishing a YouTube presence. He just started a year-long stint as a “Hot Guy” panelist for Seventeen magazine. He can pull in up to $35,000 a month from all this work, says manager Kyle Santillo.

McGarry sat down last month with Zagarino at Manhattan comedy club The Bitter End, where the youngster had traveled to make an appearance at Jingle Jam. He was there with his mom Elizabeth, a former model, who offers some interesting generational observations about how the fame machine has changed.
[Image via: @tannerzagarino]

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