Tate Modern Expansion Won’t Be Totally Finished by 2012 Olympics

If you had plans to attend the 2012 Olympics next year in London and were hoping to catch some of the new-though-non-athletic offerings around town, don’t expect the Tate Modern to be 100% finished. While originally intending to be finished by the time the city took the world stage next year, the museum has announced that it still has some major fundraising left to do, to the tune of £64 million. While a chunk of the expensive and massive expansion effort will be ready to go when the flood gates open next summer, the BBC reports that the second and final phase of building has been pushed back to 2016. Here’s a bit about what will be open for next year, the first phase:

The first phase of the new development will be part of the Cultural Olympiad – the UK-wide festival of the arts, timed to coincide with next year’s Olympic Games.

It will include the opening of the former power station’s oil tanks, three cavernous subterranean spaces, which Tate Modern said would create “exciting new spaces for art in the world”.

Two concrete galleries and a steel-lined gallery will provide 60% more space for works from the Tate Collection.

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