Mulling That Taylor Swift Mullet

Not everyone has gone down the mullet road for their critique of the Taylor Swift November 2014 cover of British Vogue, which hits iPads tomorrow and newsstands Monday. But FishbowlNY so appreciates those who have.


A commenter over at Refinery 29 points out that the above isn’t really a mullet but rather just gelled bangs. Luckily, that didn’t stop the good folks at a site that rhymes with the title of Swift’s upcoming October 27 album from putting together a mullet slide show in the singer’s retro-look honor. The young superstar may not appreciate being roped in with Mel Gibson; on the other hand, references to people like Joan Jett is probably just what she was aiming for.

Bustle’s Erin Mayer more accurately describes Swift’s hairstyle as a “pseudo mullet” and overall, gives the cover her approval:

The cover look, shot by Mario Testino, features a bubblegum pink jacket layered over a chunky blue knitted tank dress and, of course, that mullet. It’s a very different look for the songstress, but she kills the whole Valley Girl thing. Plus I love the ultra-cheeky wink at her new album title, which one can only assume references the year that Swift was born.

Cosmopolitan UK writer Bridget March is equally enthusiastic about Swift’s look, praising the cover’s “so-wrong-it’s-right styling” and suggesting that this, Swift’s firts Vogue cover, proves she can “work rockabilly locks.” All this could be very good news for non-pseudo-mullet-sporting dads who accompany their daughters to an upcoming Swift concert.

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