This Sports Team Takes Twitter So Seriously They Painted Their Handle On The Field

Listen up, sports fans, because this is pretty cool: The University of Central Florida Knights (UCF) football team has painted their Twitter handle right on the field.

In an effort to get more fans following the team on Twitter, UCF now displays its Twitter account (@UCF_Athletics) in big, bold lettering on their home turf.

As reported by ESPN, UCF’s associate director of athletic communications, Brian Ormiston, is excited about the initiative:

“Our facilities crew loves this stuff. The UCF Twitter handle idea came about as a team effort between our external operations staff at UCF along with the facilities office.”

The UCF account currently has about 5,000 followers and has sent over 4,000 tweets, many during games to report highlights and goals.

The team also uses hashtags like #GOKNIGHTS and #UCF on Twitter to get people cheering both in the stadium and online.

The trend of showing off Twitter handles during games is really taking off. A lacrosse team in Philadelphia wanted to replace their players’ names with their Twitter handles on the back of their jerseys, and an athlete headed into this summer’s Olympics even sported a temporary tattoo of an auction winner’s Twitter handle to raise money for his Olympic bid.

Is there a particular sports team of athlete you’d like to see embrace Twitter more? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: ESPN; image courtesy of UCF Twitter account)