Tech Giving Workers More Options For Keeping Up With the Madness

Now that all 67 NCAA basketball games will be live streamed and available on computers, iPhones, iPads, and some Android phones for $3.99, the next logical question is: How are you going to watch your least favorite team get the stuffing beat out of it while you’re at work?

Business video platform provider Qumu has already tackled that tough question, and has shared its findings: 47 percent of covert watching will be done by hiding one’s phone under the table. Frankly, that sounds like a rookie move.

Qumu commissioned Harris Interactive to poll 2,510 Americans about the best ways to sneak a peek at their mobile devices while they are supposed to be doing something else.

Here are the most popular clandestine watching methods, according to the study:

  • 47 percent – Hide your mobile device under the table
  • 42 percent – Excuse yourself to go to the restroom
  • 35 percent – Hide your mobile device in their folders/notebooks/papers
  • 9 percent – Pretend to tie your shoes
  • 8 percent – Create a distraction

But that’s not the end. Thirty-seven percent of online Americans didn’t think “sneaking-a-peek” was necessary – they thought people would just look at their mobile devices in plain view.

Millions of people who confess they plan to watch the games say they will devote at least some time during their workday to activities like checking stats and scores online.

This is expected to be an even madder March than usual because of all these advances in technology. And who people choose to root for is not scientific. Rather, it relies a lot on emotions, writes AdAge, which says March Madness shows the power of branding.

“Just like a product with a deep heritage and large media budgets, we often give these teams the benefit of the doubt when we’re picking, because we remember watching them through the years. Just as when you buy shampoo or razors, a name-brand basketball team is typically considered a safe pick,” it says.

And besides brand-name teams, companies are using the tournament to push their own brands. And the award for the most God-awful promotion has to be this bizarre tie-in: a urologist offering a free pizza with every vasectomy as part of the Madness.